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Progressive Rock

Signals (2013)

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Hailing from Scotland, Preacher have released their debut album Signals, full of imaginative songs. The atmosphere on this CD is a bit mysterious, fairly relaxed, yet sometimes bursting out in livelier tempos. Generally speaking, the music moves towards attractive melodies to capture the extraterrestrial deepness. It's awesome stuff, where hypnotic guitars took center stage. All the 12 tracks from Signals are unique unto itself, though nothing is longer than 6 minutes and yet there is no sense of something missing, each piece content to deliver the goods, be it melodically as well as creatively. Very solid vision in terms of stylizing a progressive yet accessible approach, based on powerful ideas and deliveries that permeates each second of every track.
Personnel: Martin Murphy - guitar, vocals, Greg Murphy - guitar, Arnie Burgoyne - keyboards, Gordon Munro - bass, Iain Duncan - drums, Ron Rodgers - acoustic guitar, Angela Bell - vocals, Kerry McWhinnie - vocals
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