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Peter Baumann

Repeat Repeat (1981)

This was Peter Baumann's third album after departing Tangerine Dream. Where the first two, Romance '76 and Transharmonic Nights contained music somewhat similar to his old band, if more structured, this album was an even bigger departure. Though synthesizers dominate, the album is much more New Wave, than anything he had previously done, co-produced by Robert Palmer, whose signature can be heard a little. The album's strengths are that the songs are well written in the new wave vein, catchy, good 80's synth sounds, and if promoted a little more, either the title track or Home Sweet home could have been hit singles. The one weakness perhaps is that the vocals are mixed. Peter isn't a great singer, but he uses his voice effectively enough in his range, mixing it with vocoders and effects to fit the style.
Personnel: Peter Baumann - synthesizers, keyboards, vocal
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