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Brian Eno & Robert Fripp

Evening Star (1975)

Fripp and Eno's second album was a change from the fractured tones of No Pussyfooting. It is effectively an introduction to Eno's forthcoming Ambient music, with repeating tape loops of Frippertronics and Eno's gently entwining synths. This is a work of sheer beauty. The title track is magnificant pastoral of a simple piano progression and Fripp's soaring guitar and is worth the price of admission. The 'second side' is the abstract 'Index of Metals' 20-odd minutes of layered guitar and synth loops under some of the most beautiful axe-work Mr. Fripp has unleashed. The soon-to-be-dubbed "Frippertronics" technique is shown here in all of it's glory, tape saturation and decay...missing in the digital technique adds texture and timbre.
Personnel: Brian Eno - tape loops, synthesizer, piano, Robert Fripp - guitar
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