Aria was Asia's fifth studio album and the second album with John Payne behind the vocals. Carl Palmer had left during the recording of Aqua to join an ELP reunion and Steve Howe had left during the Aqua tour. Lead guitarist Al Pitrelli who joined the band for the Aqua album continues as the sole guitarist for Asia. Replacing Carl Palmer was drummer Michael Sturgis. The style of the album is not really far from the typical Asia's standards. The songs are more musically complex and powerful than many of the songs on "Alpha", "Astra" or "Aqua". John Payne's vocals are outstanding, as is Downes' writing. Excellent harmonies throughout.


1.Anytime 2.Are You Big Enough 3.Desire 4.Summer 5.Sad Situation 6.Don't Cut The Wire (Brother) 7.Feels Like Love 8.Remembrance Day 9.Enough's Enough 10.Military Man 11.Aria


Geoffrey Downes - keyboards, vocals, John Payne - bass, lead vocals, Al Pitrelli - guitar, Mike Sturgis - drums

Release date: May 10, 1994