The Visitors was Abba’s eighth and ultimately final studio album. The group at this point consisted of two formerly married couples who were now both divorced so the sessions for The Visitors could not have been easy. The songs on The Visitors are no longer simple and light pop fair but instead the themes of break ups, loneliness, moving on and even the Cold War in Europe are all very present on this beautifully written and beautifully sung album. The over all feel of the album is far darker then the previous year’s Super Trouper but far more satisfying in the end. With each listen this album gets better and better.


1.The Visitors 2.Head Over Heels 3.When All Is Said And Done 4.Soldiers 5.I Let The Music Speak 6.One Of Us 7.Two For The Price Of One 8.Slipping Through My Fingers 9.Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 10.


Benny Andersson - synthesizer, keyboards, vocals, backing vocals and Drum machine on ("Givin' A Little Bit More" and "The Day Before You Came"), Agnetha Fältskog - vocals, backing vocals, Anni-Frid Lyngstad - vocals, backing vocals, Björn Ulvaeus - acoustic guitar, guitar, vocals, mandolin, backing vocals. Additional musicians: Ola Brunkert - drums, Rutger Gunnarsson - bass, mandolin, Janne Kling - flute and clarinet, Per Lindvall - drums (on "Soldiers" and "The Visitors"), Åke Sundqvist - percussion, Lasse Wellander - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin

Release date: November 30, 1981